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JAG Consulting is in the
ning up our nation's
groundwater resourc
es using i
nnovative in-situ technologies. JAG is a recognized leader in the design and application of in-situ chemical oxidation, anaerobic bioremediation, and chemical reduction technologies, which are used effectively to treat a wide variety of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in both groundwater and soil.   

In-Situ Chemical Oxidation

JAG Consulting has extensive experience in the design and
implementation of in-situ chemical
oxidation (ISCO) treatment projects throughout California and the Western
U.S. JAG Consulting is unparalleled in
our ability to provide consultation
services early in project development
to help our clients select the optimal
oxidant (and activator) for their specific
site, to resolve regulatory issues, and
to prepare an injection design that will
ensure a successful project. JAG
Consulting is also a California Licensed
Contractor (A-HAZ No. 755055) that
will implement the field injections in a
safeand cost effective manner.






ISCO technology provides an effective, rapid, and economical approach for treatment of VOC source areas and other "hot spot" areas. Chemical oxidation is the most rapid treatment technology available because within hours after being injected, it provides a complete destruction of the VOC contaminants by breaking down the hydrocarbon bonds into H2O and CO2. No toxic daughter products are formed during chemical oxidation. Chemical oxidants are effective in destruction of a wide variety of chlorinated compounds (such as TCE, PCE, 1,2-DCA, and 1,4-Dioxane), all types of petroleum hydrocarbons (gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, fuel oil, waste oil), BTEX, MTBE, TBA, pesticides, PAHs, semi volatiles, and many other organic compounds. Chemical oxidation can also be used to remove free phase chemical products, including  LNAPL and DNAPL.

JAG Consulting Group has experience injecting our proprietary Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide, all types of activated sodium persulfate (peroxide, high pH, iron, and heat activation), Klozur CR, sodium percarbonate, and potassium permanganate. More information on chemical oxidation can be found on our Chemical Oxidation page.

Anaerobic Bioremediation and Chemical Reduction Technologies

Anaerobic bioremediation and/or In-situ chemical reduction (ISCR) technology is often the most cost effective method of treating large diffuse VOC contaminant plumes, since it can be implemented using low cost carbon, sulfur, and iron chemical supplements. Chemical reduction, or reductive dechlorination, takes considerably longer than ISCO to produce reducing conditions in the subsurface (from 6 months to one year or more), but has relatively low monitoring costs and can remain effective for several years.  

JAG has significant experience in the design and application of bioremediation and chemical reduction in permeable reactive barriers, which are commonly used with zerovalent iron (ZVI), emulsified vegetable oil (EVO), polysulfides, EHC, and  other chemical reduction agents. More information on chemical reduction can be found on our Chemical Reduction page.

Bench Scale and Treatability Testing

More information on Bench Scale Testing can be found on our Bench Scale Testing page.

Consulting and Remediation Services

JAG is uniquely qualified to provide ISCO services as both a Consultant and as an injection contractor. As a licensed Civil Engineer, JAG provides the upfront consulting, treatability testing, engineer design services, planning, and regulatory liaison required to get your next injection project properly designed and approved. We can help evaluate the effectiveness of chemox versus redox and also the effectiveness of using different activators with sodium persulfate (for example, use of hydrogen peroxide activation versus high pH activation). JAG can also evaluate the cost benefits of using direct push injection versus use of dedicated injection wells. Most do not realize that injection wells can actually save you money if you expect to perform more than one injection.

JAG can also evaluate the cost benefit of use of hybrid injection wells (boreholes advanced using direct push and use of temporary [pre-packed] small diameter wells). A properly designed ISCO project can literally save you (and your client) tens of thousands of dollars over the course of the project. Every site is unique and you need a highly experienced engineer to design your project to take advantage of those site condition. Call JAG today to see how we can help you properly design your next injection project and save you money in the process.

As a licensed California contractor, JAG can perform a wide variety of Pilot Tests and Full Scale Injection projects, including the use of dedicated injection wells, slant wells, nested wells, use of extraction wells, (recirculation systems), direct push injections, use of surfactant flush to remove free phase NAPL, and use of pneumatic fracturing and pressure pulse technology to increase the permeability of the soil and radius of treatment of each injection point.

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